Sunday, April 8, 2012

Recital at Peru State College

On Thursday, I had the opportunity, thanks to the staff here at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center to play a piano recital at Peru State College, a small liberal arts college (about 1100 students) located in an even smaller mid-western town (about 800 residents) about 15 miles south of here (Nebraska City).  Two years ago, the town was visited by a group of Peruvian celebrities (from Peru the country in South America) and they made this fun and funny commercial/documentary I think you'll enjoy watching.

This was my first time playing a complete recital as a guest at a school, and I really enjoyed the experience.  One of the English professors there, Dr. Bill Clemente, came and took photos and a video of the performance and wrote about my visit on his blog "Around Peru".  (According to Bill, it was his blog which the Peruvians enjoyed so much that they chose to come to Peru, Nebraska and film the commercial/documentary instead of the other 8 Perus in the USA.  He has since been invited to Peru [the country] and was featured in a Peruvian commercial!) Check out the video of my performance of my own "Five Preludes" which may have been the best I've ever played them:

Bill was very kind to me and also gave me a tour of the campus and took me to lunch.  I hope I can come back and visit Peru State College again in the future.

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